Welcome to Cephlopress, the journalism project of Hofstra students Max Knoblauch and Beckett Mufson.

Cephlopress was created with the hope that it could become a repository for innovative stories from a diverse group of student writers. It houses longform, data visualization, audio interviews, documentaries and comics. In short, Cephlopress is our way of exploring new storytelling methods without having the limitations and time constraints of a large publication.

If you’d like to write for Cephlopress, please reach out on Twitter or email. We want you.

Beckett Mufson

Beckett Mufson Profile

Beckett Mufson is a Hofstra student who has written for MTV News, Mashable and the VICE Creators Project. He covers art and web culture with one foot rooted firmly in science, technology and politics. He now uses Cephlopress as a portfolio to display selected works from sites across the web. See those examples here, or check out his resume.


Max Knoblauch

Max Knoblauch

Max Knoblauch is a student journalist and humor writer, currently working as an editorial features intern at Mashable. He’s passionate about comedy, science, history and weird cultures.